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Southern Africa (SAf):
It is what’s next.

SAf Opportunities

Can your company afford not to be here?

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Market Intelligence:
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Market Research

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NE Difference

Southern Africa (SAf):
It's not what you think

New Economia is a business consulting firm that specializes in emerging markets. We help companies achieve sustainable growth by capturing unsatisfied demand in emerging markets. Because of our experience and our on the ground, real-time research approach we are especially equipped to manage and navigate the complex challenges that emerging markets will present. We can design, build, and run your strategy regardless of scope.

New Economia is not your average advisory firm. We guarantee results because our tradition of extraordinary research guarantees our success. (learn more about our process and the New Economia difference). You can also visit our learning center for insights on the best practices in emerging markets strategy and other interesting related topics.

Rethinking Economics

It's long overdue that we take a look a replacing the outdated, yet entrenched metrics we have been using to measure the economy since mail was delivered by horse and gold backed currencies.

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Country Profiles

Learn the latest on the countries of Southern Africa. There are plenty of opportunities to ride the next wave of exceptional and sustained growth.

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Take a look at our blog. Learn about the challenges of international business development. We strive to take a microscopic look at closely targeted and defined topics to give you a detailed peek inside the issues most affecting the developing world.

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What's your emerging markets strategy?

Is your company positioned to maintain its growth as it faces more and more globalized competition? Can you afford to dominate just one region?

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